Pace guide

You can "pace by feel" using this guide, or...

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Easy Pace

Intensity = 3/10

Very slow, easy pace.

Feels like
You're just keeping your legs rolliing over and your muscles moving.

Steady Pace

Intensity = 5/10

The pace you could keep for an hour or even more, but it’s not exactly easy.

Feels like
You could speak three to four short sentences, but you couldn't sing along with Bohemian Rhapsody.

Tempo Pace

Intensity = 6/10

A hard but controlled effort you are able to continue for for 30-45 minutes.

Feels like
You could speak a few words, but couldn't hold a conversation.

5K Pace

Intensity = 7/10

The pace you'd keep if you were racing or testing yourself over a distance of 5km.

Feels like
10 mins into a 20 min run you're saying "I'm not gonna make it" over and over (but you will really!).

Interval Pace

Intensity = 8/10

The fastest you could run for between 1 and 5 minutes.
You adjust this depending on the length of interval.
Basically, the hardest you can run for the time, distance and repeats specified.

Feels like
Hard "push" running using a controlled sprinting action. You have room in your mind for only keeping good form and not being sick.

Sprint Pace

Intensity = 10/10

The fastest you could run for 1 minute, without injuring yourself.

Feels like
You're trying to be Usain Bolt or Cathy Freeman.